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Alexis “AL” Palmaffy

      I started my New Mexican adventure three years ago, after graduating from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. I have earnded a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in painting & printmaking, as well as interning at the Brodsky Center of Innovative Editions in printmaking.

      I was born end raised in New Jersey, trying to wrap my mind around MC Escher lithographs, kickin back with R. Crumb, and hangin' out with obscure surrealists who had died long before I came in to the world. I feel my art investigates the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit in many forms and is deeply rooted in the psyche, at times delving in to the realm of the psychedelic.

      I am heavily influenced by the natural world and animal kingdom, the mystical, and, most importantly - the divine presence. I feel my art has a mysterious, yet nostalgic presence, which to me mirrors life on earth and our collective life on this planet; we have done this before...

      I strive to share my gift to the world, and I feel completely blessed that through my art I can connect with others on an amazing level: it is pure love. New Mexico proves itself to be an amazing place, full of wisdom and tranquility. The prints on this site were all printed locally by myself at the Eli Levin studio in Santa Fe, my favorite place in New Mexico.

      I am currently looking to further pursue my skills in tattooing and pray for a mentor to help me on this path and guide me toward my purpose in life. Thank you for taking some time to learn about me, I would love to learn from you….


Keep your sunny side up!